Heembouw creates places where people want to be

Heembouw creates places where people want to be. That is our drive. Together with colleagues and suppliers, we commit all our knowledge and experience in order to create and realise a living or working environment for our customers, in which they feel at home. As an organisation which has been working for years with the Lean philosophy, creating customer value has been a central theme. This concerns excelling our customers' expectations and surprising them. 


Customer satisfaction and NPS

With the NPS (net promoter score) we measure our degree of success. We are the first construction firm in the Netherlands to share our customer reactions openly and transparently with the market. This provides valuable information for further improvement. Having executed our client surveys in this way for more than 5 years now (since 2014), our NPS is now at +40 and the average score for customer satisfaction is 8,3.

Lean Building: Creating client value and eliminating waste

Generating added value for clients is what drives Heembouw. We are always looking for new ways of providing a better service for our clients. In 2004, Heembouw started with the introduction of Lean Building according to Heembouw. We are working continually on the further improvement of ourselves and our organisation, with as ultimate focus: creating client value. In order to measure its success here, Heembouw conducts client surveys. Since 2014, Heembouw has been working together with tevreden.nl. This customer satisfaction surveys agency continually combines surveys with transparent feedback of the results via digital platforms. 

The Lean philosophy is perfectly aligned with our culture. That is because our focus is also on individuals who take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Our unwavering attention to generating client value and eliminating waste ensures that we are continually engaged in improving our organization and our working methods. Resulting, among other things, in a reduction of failure costs and a shortening of lead times for our projects. We aim to achieve maximum client satisfaction by delivering the desired quality at the lowest possible cost.

Client groups take centre stage

The end user takes centre stage in our business operations. We have set up our organisation for client groups in order to better understand and service our clients. Focusing fully on specific client groups enables us to create added client value. Focus on client groups generates added value, a streamlined process, a minimum of waste and a superior product.

Heembouw focuses specifically on the following client groups: end users, industrial and office premises and residential properties. Our locations in Roelofarendsveen and Breda focus specifically on the industrial premises client group. Heembouw Wonen is also based in Roelofarendsveen, which focuses for 100% on residential properties. Our location in Berkel en Rodenrijs focuses mainly on offices. Our clients can rely on us to fulfil all their new construction and residential property renovation requirements.

Sustainable building

Besides ISO 9001:2008 and SCC** 2008/5.1, Heembouw is also ISO 14001 certified.  ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that indicates the criteria that a good environmental management system should satisfy.


Dutch Green Building Council

Heembouw is a participant in the Dutch Green Building Council. We have been working in collaboration with a number of clients on BREEAM certification for their construction projects, which has resulted in a BREEAM outstanding qualification for several distribution centres. One of our projects, New Logic III in Tilburg, has the highest score so far for a sustainable distribution center: 99.48%!  In order to achieve this, several of our Heembouw and Heembouw Architecten colleagues have qualified as BREEAM experts. 

On-site waste separation

Building and demolition waste consists mainly of rubble, bricks, wood, metals, plastics, paper and carton. More than 90% of building and demolition waste can be used as raw materials for new products. So it is essential to separate building and demolition waste properly. For this reason, Heembouw has been separating these waste flows at the source on the building site ever since 2010. In 2019, the percentage of building waste leaving the building site already separated was 45%.

CO2 reduction

In 2012 we formulated the following targets for the Heembouw Group: "By 2022, we aim to produce 25% fewer CO2 emissions per million euros of revenue (after inflation adjustment) than in 2012".

A significant reduction of 63% (!) has already been realised in the past years.